Summer car care tips and maintenance repair and maintenance

Hot summer arrived, the car is also a ” hard to get ” season . Some vehicle owners must pay particular attention to the details of keeping a car in order to prevent the car ” heat stroke .” Summer car care focused on air conditioning and refrigeration systems , batteries and brake and tire of these aspects . The maintenance of common sense to understand these places , even if there is no special master is present, the vehicle owner can own hands to do some basic checks , care of their car .

An air conditioner is best to wash the second largest

Vehicle owners tend to use a lot of problems would not be not much action . Among them, for example, air-conditioning , a full year without cleaning owners not uncommon . However, the prolonged use of car air-conditioning in summer , do a thorough cleaning is very necessary. In addition to removing odors outside , air inlet inhaled a lot of dust , dirt and bacteria to breed , are likely to affect human health. Note that the focus of clean air site include: automotive condensers , this part will affect the cooling effect of air conditioning condenser is usually installed in the front and the tank together , cleaning should be taken to prevent clogging of the heat affected leaves and other leaves are cooling effect ; air filter from the filtered air inside the role , with a period of time tend to darken after the staff generally are recommended automotive beauty shop owners to replace , but in fact the air filter can be cleaned after continued use . Siphoning off during cleaning debris and dust from the surface of the filter on the air conditioner and then rinse can.

2 Interior thorough disinfection

As the summer heat , many owners do not often drive windows, and air conditioning for large wind often select only the inner loop . For a long time , for air becomes cloudy, especially before a thunderstorm hit another hot and humid weather , the bacteria also easy to breed . At this point the owner can choose from several options to car upholstery cleaners or beauty shop interior of the car a thorough cleanup.

3 . Volatile fast automobile antifreeze essential

Summer coolant evaporated quickly, should always check whether the lack of coolant , if missing, to replenish the same brand of antifreeze, can not complement other brands of antifreeze or water. Because antifreeze is the main working medium automotive engine cooling system , and its main role is to make the engine cooling system forced circulation through the engine to maintain proper operating temperature.

It will be referred to as ” antifreeze ” because the liquid contained in the lower freezing point of certain chemical composition, which can protect the car engine and the low temperature water tank does not freeze . In addition to the role of antifreeze , ethylene glycol antifreeze and other chemical ingredients formulated not only low temperature resistance, and high temperature characteristics are particularly good. Such antifreeze in order to be near 200 degrees Celsius , ” boil .” In the summer, this antifreeze tank filling your car tank is not easy to be ” boil” troubled by it. In addition, there are rust antifreeze , cleaning effect.

4 protect the paint parking parked in the shade

Although it seems there is no life , but there is also afraid of the sun , long-term exposure will send the old , wrinkled. Ordinary beauty waxing , although some effect, but because any wax all contain silicon components , well- ultraviolet radiation would rust paint , leaving little spots . And wax itself will not achieve enhanced hardness , resistance to ultraviolet light , will be lost quickly due to high temperature , so when parking the car should be parked in the shade.

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