Summary of the problem is not a new car but also the running vehicle maintenance

Just need to rest after a person is sick, like automotive water can be considered “serious illness”, even “discharged”, still need careful maintenance, after all, some problems may take some time to use will be exposed. Therefore, the owner should pay particular attention to the following three aspects in the vehicle maintenance:

The first is to observe

Water vehicle repairs, some problems may exist, the owner can carefully observe in everyday use, to find fault. By watching and listening, found no screeching or unusual light phenomenon and failure when using some features. If problems are found should contact garages for maintenance, shining like a fault light sensor, seat unable to move, etc., can return to factory inspection and maintenance to ensure the safe use of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the proposed owners in the process of moving to note the existence of unstable idle, the engine sound is too large and rusting cars and other phenomena.

Followed by rigorous testing

Owners should pay attention to when routine maintenance on the circuit, airbags and other mechanical components to carry out regular testing. Detection circuitry is mainly car computer board and lights. Degree of electronic automotive products are now increasing, car computer command of the entire vehicle electronic systems, it is essential to the quality of the work. The enemy of electronic products is the “water”, so the water especially when the vehicle is detected on a computer board “care”, if there is a fault caused the car computer board false alarm, it will directly affect driving safety. Detecting primarily the mechanical parts of the engine is detected. Bad engine oil leak tightness will occur, resulting in oil is not enough. Lack of engine lubrication oil overheating, which will occur blew. Also note that in the process of moving there abnormal sound or jitter. As the water hazard in the electrical aspects of the vehicle are more timely and also more difficult to solve, so the car is mainly special attention. Conditional owners of the best vehicles in the year of the water after every three months to go to a professional repair station for testing and maintenance of vehicles.

Finally Forget the run

We generally know when to conduct the running to buy a new car, the vehicle will enter the “best state”, but after the vehicle maintenance is not the same need to run everyone clear. Especially those of the vehicle’s engine inlet, after the overhaul also have to be treated like a new car as the run.

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