Make travel worry-free maintenance of automotive shock absorbers Troubleshooting

The role of shock absorber is to ensure that when cars with adequate stability, and shock absorbers with health or life of the vehicle has a very important relationship, so each owner should understand the relevant knowledge of some of the shock absorber, and when the shock absorber failure should be how to overhaul.

Check that the damper in good condition:

1 so that the poor condition of the car on the road after driving 10km road parking, touch shell shock absorber, if not hot enough, indicating no resistance inside the shock absorber, shock absorbers do not work. At this point, you can add the appropriate oil, then test, if the shell fever, compared with an internal shock absorber oil, should add a little oil; otherwise, indicating damper failure.

2 Press firmly bumper, then release, if the car has 2 to 3 times jump, then the shock absorbers work well.

3 When the car slowly driving and emergency braking if the car more violent vibration, indicating a problem with the shock absorber.

4 Remove the shock absorber to be upright, and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp, pull compression damping lever several times, then there should be a stable resistance, pull up resistance should be greater than the downward pressure when resistance, such as resistance to unstable or no resistance, may be short of oil inside the shock absorber valve parts or damaged parts should be repaired or replaced.

In determining the shock absorbers have a problem or failure, it should first check whether the shock absorber oil spills or traces of old oil spills.

If there is no oil leakage phenomenon shock absorbers, shock absorbers should check the connecting pins, connecting rods, connecting hole, rubber bushings and other damage, sealing off, break or fall off place. If the examination is normal, should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check with the gap between the piston and cylinder is too large cylinder with or without strain, the valve seal is good, valves and valve seat are tight fitting and less Zhen’s done spring is too soft or broken, take grinding ways repair or replacement under the circumstances.

Further, the damper in actual use will be a beep failure, which is mainly due to the damper spring, frame or shaft collision damage or loss, and a cushion cylinder deformation damper dust, oil lack of other causes, reasons should be identified, to be repaired.

After the shock absorber during the inspection repair should be carried out in a special test bench performance tests, when the resistance frequency in the 100 ± 1mm, its resistance to stretching and compression stroke stroke should be specified.

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