ADS9908 car Battery Tester

This circuit uses the popular and simple to seek out LM3914 IC. This IC is extremely straightforward to drive, wants no voltage regulators (it contains a in-built voltage regulator) and might be power-driven from virtually each supply. This circuit is extremely straightforward to explain: once the take a look at button is ironed, the automobile battery voltage is feed into a high resistivity resistance. His purpose is to divide one2V to 1,25V (or lower values to lower values).


Top five Reasons to induce ADS9908 Auto Battery Analyzer:

1. Quickly take a look at the batterys main specifications: Internal Resistance, CCA, Voltage, electrical amount, Life-span.

2. numerous standards build-in.

3. Adopt electrical phenomenon technique to test: convenient and safe.

4. Clock within.

5. Printer within, will print out testing results anytime.

ADS9908 Functions:

1. Battery take a look at.

2. System take a look at: Starter test, Charging take a look at and elevation.load.

3. Monitor the standing of the beginning system of the vehicle.

4. take a look at the amendment of the voltage once begin the vehicle.

5. endurable standards: 100-1700CCA, 100-1000DIN, 100-1000IEC, 100-1700EN, JIS.

6. appropriate for 12/24V automotive batteries&12V battery charging system.

7. optional languages: Chinese, ancient Chinese, English, Turkish, Korean, Dutch.

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